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hbasexplorer on sourceforge

January 15, 2010 1 comment

Dont you know about Hbase ? Ist something that finishes with the Idea of traditional databases. Altough it does not completely deny the good things that RDBMS invented, it gets you to a new level of data storage. If you are willing to change. The idea is well (but somewhat complicated) described in Google’s papers, great folks followed that idea and put it into a public, really working piece of software.

Shared-nothing rules. Try it! Search something at Google. Or Bing.

I want to make it a bit more handy by starting a tool that can visualize the data in timestamp order, providing inter-linking between the data and more. I think this is the real revolutionary idea of BigTable: dont look at the data only as a snapshot in time, but with the idea of history (and future) in mind.

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